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Church History

Established in 1943

In the year of 1943, a small flock of believers met with Rev. J. A. Allen on Canfield Street in Detroit, Michigan and organized Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church. After the group became established, they relocated to a basement structure at 7431 Oakland Avenue. Rev. Allen served as Pastor for four years and resigned.

In September of 1947, Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church called Rev. C.W. Brooks to Pastor. During that time Rev. Brooks was pastoring a small congregation and the two churches merged. Rev. Brooks served for two years and resigned.

In 1949, Mt. Carmel called Rev. O. L. Lloyd to Pastor. Under his leadership, the structure was enlarged, a building fund was established, and the mortgage was paid in full. Pastor Lloyd served faithfully until the Lord called him home on July 2, 1960. After his death, Rev. Gholston was called to lead Mt. Carmel.

In March 1963, Rev. Isaiah Jackson was called to Pastor Mt. Carmel’s flock. Under his leadership, the Lord gave increases in all areas of the church. Mt. Carmel bought two houses on the Eastside of Oakland Avenue that were later demolished and the present sanctuary was erected. The Lord continued to bless Mt. Carmel through increases in membership and the establishment of three choirs and a board of trustees. A church van and musical instruments were acquired. Within ten years the church’s mortgage was paid in full. What a blessing that was for Mt. Carmel! While the church experienced physical growth, spiritual growth was on the decline. As in any other situation, storms and turbulence entered into God’s house of worship. The membership greatly declined. Due to the undying faith of a few loyal members, the Lord granted favor and kept the doors open. Pastor Jackson served until August 1981.

On March 8, 1982, the Rev. Ed Prophet was called to Pastor at Mt. Carmel. While under his leadership, the church once again flourished. The church installed carpet, a new organ was purchased and again the membership increased. In 1990, Pastor Prophet resigned to take on another appointment. As a result, several members followed him to his new appointment.

In 1991, Mt Carmel called Rev. John H. Richardson to Pastor. Within one year the central air conditioning unit was paid off, a replacement van was purchased and the church sign was installed on the front lawn. Under Pastor Richardson’s leadership, the church later experienced some difficulty, some of which were financial. However, several members of the congregation made great financial sacrifices and kept the bills paid. The musician even declined payment and rendered his service to keep the doors open. Several members are still at Mt. Carmel and have remained faithful and supportive for over sixty years. Rev. Richardson served until December 1996. Again, Mt. Carmel was a small flock without a shepherd. The church body again prayed for a shepherd.

On January 1997, the Lord sent Rev. Marvin R. Youmans to Mt. Carmel. Rev. Youmans was accepted as interim Pastor in February 1997 and Pastor in April 1997. Under the leadership of Pastor Youmans, many positive changes have been implemented. In 2003, the church completed major renovations with the addition of an upper level encompassing the church offices, complete remodeling of the kitchen and upgrades throughout the sanctuary. Five additional parcels of land across the street from the church were acquired and a paved parking lot was installed.

For the first time in the church’s history, the church body licensed three new ministers. Six licensed ministers have served on the ministerial staff. Seven deacons have been ordained and the following additional ministries have been established: Mission and Outreach Ministry (provides clothing and food), Brotherhood Ministry, Sister to Sister Ministry, Male Chorus, Crisis Ministry, Spiritual Dance Ministry, Deaconess Board, Fellowship Ministry, Abundant Life Singers, Tape Ministry, and the Scholarship Committee. In honoring Mt. Carmel members at the age of 80, a “Golden Circle” celebration is planned annually.

In 2018, Mt Carmel remodeled the lower level of the church, installed new carpeting, light fixtures and ceiling fans in the sanctuary and new tile in the foyer, replaced outside railings and handicap ramp. The church has begun to display historical memorabilia with the installation of a brick wall, quilt, and decades of membership photographs. In 2019 the church purchased a 15 passenger bus.

Under Pastor Youman’s leadership and inspired wisdom, Mt. Carmel continues to fellowships with various churches throughout the city of Detroit. The church continues to be involved in foreign mission work by sending monetary donations to Haiti and supporting Heifer International. The Nurses Guild, Youth Ministries, and Deaconess have continually provided blankets and holiday packages to Children’s Hospital and local shelters annually. With his keen insight, Pastor Youmans saw the need to establish a Wednesday evening Bible study.

Under Pastor Youmans leadership, the commitment to the church and community has been to maintain a continuous work as our “brother’s keeper”. With his ecumenical focus to promote unity in the Northend Community, Pastor Youmans organized and chairs the Northend Ministerial Alliance (NEMA). In addition to NEMA, Pastor Youmans served as chair of Christmas in Action Detroit Council 2008-2013, where it provided seniors with repairs to their homes free of charge. These repairs accommodated many health and safety violations. Pastor Youmans is a founding member of the Store House of Hope where members of the church and community receive balanced meals at no cost. In keeping with his mission, Pastor Youmans has given Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church the slogan, “A Little Country Church in the city where God dwells, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Preached, Love, and the Holy Ghost Abodes”.

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